A Journey of Green Grass, Sparkling Waves, and Unlimited Inspiration

As the new year approaches we often find ourselves considering what we will do with this fresh start. This usually means setting resolutions that sound something like; exercise more, pursue my art more, travel more, etc. At Sacred Earth Journeys we have a solution that may help. We have created a tranquil writers’ retreat in beautiful Ireland. Clear your mind, forget the assumptions you have about this country and read about how this trip can bring you peace, new experiences, foster your creativity, and possibly help you tick off some of those resolutions.

Let the serene waters inspire your writing journey

We’ll start with the how. Travel can inspire your writing. New locations and experiences can fuel your inspiration and open up worlds you never knew.

Meeting new people can help create new characters. It can be a shop attendant, the person you sit beside on the train, or your new travelling companions. Each stranger comes complete with their own life stories and experiences, looks and attitudes, beliefs and personalities. They are like unofficial writing prompts that can help you create the perfect heroine or hero for your own story.

New settings and cultures can force you out of a rut. Most writers have had writers’ block. Feeling stuck on a page or a word and not knowing where to draw the next inspiration from. There’s nothing like a gentle wave of culture shock to get unstuck and the words flowing again. Ireland has a rich culture stemmed from a long and winding history. Even if you’re not feeling stuck in your writing you’ll definitely collect fresh ideas just by being immersed in the culture.

The history and culture is everywhere you turn on this journey

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. No, not the movie. Taking a trip means that the physical act of getting from one location to another forces you to slow down and sit still. Possibly even relax if you’re a decent traveller. This travel time can be invaluable to a writer. You can use it to rest and catch up on some sleep, read that book you’ve been too busy to get to or even lay pen to paper or fingers to keys while on your journey.

Now let’s talk about the where. Ireland, land of beauty and a people with an intricate history of war, struggle, and love. This journey has been carefully designed to provide you with peaceful moments and surroundings, cultural inspiration, and leadership from an esteemed writing coach.

Ireland’s beauty abounds from both nature and human design. (The Ruins of Clifden Castle in the background)

We will take you to places of deep history and undeniable serenity. You’ll be staying at the Renvyle House. This historic country house is tucked away from the world on a 150-acre estate. You’ll be looking out your window at the shores of the Atlantic and walking the gardens and a freshwater lake that are all on the property. With only you and the other visitors on the entire property, you will have ample space to wander along and clear your mind. To add to your R&R experience you can take a dip in the heated pool or go for a morning of fly-fishing.

Not every day is spent in this haven. We will take you off location to visit the beautiful countryside and other historic locals. Such as breakfast at the four-star Old Ground Hotel in Ennis. A day trip to Inishbofin which is one of the most preserved nature paradises on earth. The water is so clean and clear that this island is considered a coveted diving location. Not something you’d expect from Ireland.

This trip will be led by an Phil Cousineau, who was awarded a “Top Book of 2010” on PBS by independent booksellers. Guest speakers such as Malachy Kearns, who has provided the drums for Van Morrison, U2, The Chieftains, River Dance, and many others, will connect us to our own reading through the metaphor of their own work. Our Connemara’s retreat draws inspiration form all avenues of life and art.

The picturesque Kylemore Abbey set in the heart of the Connemara Mountains

“This has been a week full of wisdom, inspiration with all the elements of nature and spirits of Connemara aligned to bring clarity and purpose to our intention. I’m indeed grateful to have had this chance to be mentored by Phil who is both soulful and simpatico. The Connemara experience, my notes and Phil’s books will help sustain me to complete my manuscript. Then I can gift myself with a pilgrimage trip by Phil Cousineau.”     -Linds Boughton, Manila, Phillippines

Phil and our guest speakers will not be your only guides to inspiration. Ireland has this unique ability to guide your soul as you wander the grassy hills. Inspiration is drawn from the wind as it fills your lungs. Take time during this incredibly busy time of year to picture what tranquillity will look like for you. To learn more about this journey please visit our tour page. This may be just the thing you need to tick off one or two of those resolutions you make for yourself this year.