Message from Miguel Angel Vergara

I have been a disciple of KuKuulKaan, the Feathered Serpent, from the first time I encountered him at Chichen Itza over 30 years ago. The Serpent, representing the Sacred Knowledge of the Ancient Ones, is a powerful symbol throughout Mexico. In Central Mexico, including Jalisco where I was born and raised, he was known as Quetzalcoatl. When I came to the Yucatan I recognized him as KuKuulKaan in the Mayan tradition. In the Mayan language “Ku” means God, Kuul means veneration or worship, and Kaan means the infinite. Together KuKuulKaan stands for the highest achievement possible, for potential fully realized.
 Today humankind has access to amazing knowledge through education, travel, and of course the internet. What we are searching for now is understanding, purpose, and how to use this amazing knowledge to change our lives, to change the world. Our journeys with the Feathered Serpent are two-fold, the outer journey where we visit sacred sites, do ceremonies, and use our five senses to gather more information and the inner journey where we use our connection to the infinite, our connection with the Maya Masters of Light, to receive understanding and gain insights on how to use the knowledge to fulfill our purpose. 
I grew up in the Huichol (People from the Sun) indigenous culture and learned at an early age, from my Grandmother, the importance of being grounded and connected to Mother Earth. It is the same in the Maya, Toltec, and all ancient teachings. It sounds so simple but with the many distractions in our lives today it is not always easy. Using ceremonies, meditations, and chants I share practices and rituals that help us achieve this grounding not only for our journey together, but for use in our daily lives when we return home. All the knowledge and potential in the world serves no purpose unless grounded in our Planet Earth. This is where we have incarnated in this lifetime and this is where we are meant to manifest.

Following in the footsteps of Quetzalcoatl and KuKuulKaan gives us an opportunity to connect with the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth, to receive the insights and ground them in the earth. Humankind has the knowledge and the potential to create the world of peace and harmony that we say we want. What is holding us back from doing that? What is stopping us?  We have all the ingredients to make the spiritual bread. It is time to fire it, to manifest.


 We all know of great leaders and teachers throughout history who have made a difference, who have fulfilled their purpose. We also know so many more people who fell short, who seemed to have great potential but never really accomplished much with their lives. 
Imagine a world where every human being realized his or her potential. That is where the Sacred Path of Quetzalcoatl – KuKuulKaan is taking us. We are ready. It is time to take the first step. 
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