Peru: Listening to the Earth’s Breath

As winter fades and the first buds of spring appear I am reminded of the earth’s age-old cycles, of how nature provides for us year after year, methodically, consistently, courageously at times. In this busy age of on-demand products and services, I find spring is a time when I feel the need to reconnect with the earth and remind myself that it is my job to listen to her vibrations and to find a way to be in balance and harmony with Mother Earth and my own true nature.
Q’eros performing an Initiation Ritual, Peru

In Peru this work comes more easily than in North America; it is a country where ancient rituals such as offerings to the earth are still respected, where cultural traditions are maintained and a connection with Pachamama is revered.

This deep connection is particularly present among members of the Q’ero Nation.  Located on the Eastern side of the Peruvian Andes, just over 2,000 inhabitants from five communities make up the Q’ero Nation. The Q’eros are direct descendants of the Incas and escaped the Spanish Conquest by living in their ancestral villages, protected by their sacred mountain spirit, the Apus. Emerging from their villages as recently as 1959, the Q’eros have maintained cultural traditions and customs, from agricultural to medical to spiritual to this day.(1)

Don Sebastian Pauccar is a member of the Q’ero Nation and an experienced Andean high priest who will be co-leading an upcoming tour to Peru with Juan Ruiz Naupari. Don Sebastian, as one of the few descendants of the Incas, has inherited his skills from traditions handed down through the generations, from Coca Readings to Healing and Initiation Rituals. He is able to use his deep connection to the Earth to help others find balance and healing.


Juan Ruiz Naupari in Cusco, Peru
Connecting to the earth also implies connecting to ourselves since we are, of course, inextricably linked. We will find it too difficult to listen to the earth’s whispers if we do not first listen and open up to the wisdom of our own bodies. Juan Ruiz Naupari, founder of the Inkarri Multicultural Organization and the Pneuma System, draws on ancient wisdom and rituals that lead to “profound inner transformation and self-realization”. Describing Pneuma Breathwork, Naupari says:

“The oxygen we breathe contains Pneuma, which consists of subtle and divine particles of light that exist within the air. Normally we breathe unconsciously and are seldom aware of the life giving properties within the air and thus receive only a small degree of the benefit available to us. But when, through intention, we consciously breathe this divine energy, we become infused with a surplus of pure vital force. This in turn brings renewal to the cells of our body and has a powerful healing and regenerating effect on our entire organism.

It also allows us to move beyond the negativity of the ego within our psyche and into a deeper connection with our True Nature. From this space of equanimity and serenity, we can then observe the mechanisms of the ego with more objectivity and thus are able to begin to comprehend and uproot these negative elements within us.”

As the barren winter landscape is transformed to a hope-inspiring bounty of colour by the warm spring air and gentle rains, we have an opportunity to transform ourselves with our own sacred, ever-present breath. This spring let us breathe consciously, with intention, rooting and connecting to ourselves and the earth as we welcome growth, nourishment and wisdom.

~ Kim Bridgett


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(1) Factual information about the Q’ero Nation is taken from