Pilgrimage in Italy: A Talk With Phil Cousineau

Once again we got to sit down with author and pilgrimage leader Phil Cousineau—this time to discuss pilgrimage in Italy.

Phil guides us through the potency and transformational power of his upcoming journey, La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life of Mythic Italy with Phil Cousineau, taking place April, 2022.

We discuss his favorite components of the itinerary, what he’s most excited for as a leader of this journey, as well as the potency of storytelling and Long Conversations that will take place along the way. Through the depth of both his literary knowledge and experience as a journey leader, Phil reveals why this journey is a rare opportunity to experience Italy in the best possible way, and with the depth of a pilgrim.

By the end of the talk, Phil and I are feeling the wanderlust many have been experiencing amid the restrictions that have put travel on hold for copious amounts of people.

Anyway, we’re blessed to maintain special connections with such thoughtful, talented, and well-spoken journey leaders as Phil.

Phil reminds us of the importance of travel for the soul. After all, he’s the (very fitting) author of The Art of Pilgrimage, a book all about taking in the soul of a place, rather than merely visiting landscapes as a tourist.

Enjoy this talk with Phil, and let us know what you get out of it!