Miguel Angel Vergara: Maya Master Teacher Reveals the Power of Mayan Civilization


Join us for this powerful talk with Maya Master Teacher Miguel Angel Vergara, who will be leading our journey, Maya Temples of Transformation, this November.

You’ll learn about the sacred power of Mayan pyramids, calendars, language, and philosophy. With his obvious heart-centered energy, Miguel Angel brings forth potent teachings much needed in our modern times.

To begin, Miguel Angel tells the story of his mentorship with Don Vicente who is a Mayan elder and wisdom keeper. Through the teachings of Don Vicente, Miguel Angel quickly began to embrace the esoteric, rather than solely scientific and historic, knowledge of the Maya. 

Through his potent abilities as a storyteller and relayer of wisdom, Miguel Angel reveals how the Maya kept their traditions alive during Spanish Colonialism by hiding knowledge within their own language.

He then relates how from 1986 to 1990, he was the director and coordinator of Mayan sites throughout the Yucatan and how, during this time, lived 300 meters from the pyramids where he had access to the inner chambers of Chichen Itza. He spent many nights meditating and creating ceremonies within the inner chambers of the site which led to a vast expansion of his consciousness. 

During our journey this year, Miguel Angel’s main objective is to guide his pilgrims into the transformational power of the pyramids, the same power that helped him heighten his own consciousness.

He explains why he’s excited to have Freddy Silva, a researcher on ancient civilizations, by his side to help the esoteric and scientific come full circle, creating a 3-dimensional view of the Maya and how they operated in the Yucatan as an advanced civilization.

Maya Master Teacher Miguel Angel Vergara teaches seminars in Mexico and abroad on Mayan shamanism, tradition, and culture. His teachings show us how to connect with the masters of light who are still at the sacred sites waiting to teach and guide us now, as in ancient times. 

~Jacob Lopez, staff writer