Reconnecting with the Forgotten Truths of Ancient Egypt

The frenetic pace of modern life can be so all-consuming we are left with little time for fulfilling connection with ourselves and those around us. Bombarded by information–simple, essential and fulfilling truths at times elude us, as the pace of life carries us along in its tide.

The ancient dwellers of Egypt had wisdom and knowledge that we are only beginning to rediscover and understand. They viewed their connection to all of creation in a very different way than we do today. How can you benefit from this ancient wisdom and reconnect with our Universe, Yourself, and Others? Stepping out of the modern world and immersing oneself in the simpler, purer truths of the Ancients is a means to regaining perspective and balance. This October, join our tour leaders, an Egyptologist and an Archaeologist, as they take you on a Sacred Journey to the Land of Ancient Wisdom–Egypt. Realize the harmony of the universe and the beautiful energy that comes from being attuned to it; return to life renewed and refreshed by this rare opportunity to delve into the wisdom of the Ancients.