Get Lost

I was recently sifting through some of my old photos from some of my past travels and fond memories instantly began to surface. I remembered things like driving the country roads of England, having no idea where I was going; being so mesmerized by the sunrise in the Drakensburg mountains one morning in South Africa that I completely forgot how cold I was; how intrigued and excited I was while navigating the labyrinthine tributaries of the Amazon River on a zodiac adventure that I still get goose bumps thinking about it even now; and wandering aimlessly in a small Mexican town completely transfixed by the sights, smells and sounds that I didn’t realize how far I had ventured from my hotel. It’s remarkable how memories can linger and affect us so long after our travels.
In recalling these precious memories, I found a common thread that helped me understand why each of these unique moments was so special to me. They were all moments when I was completely lost in time and so deeply connected to the present. I was truly living in the now. In a world where our attention has to be given to so many things at once, it’s memories like these that make me appreciate travel even more so. What better way is there to escape the mundane and the stress from our busy lives than to completely lose yourself in some amazing travel experiences?

We often hear travellers say they travel to seek, to find themselves, to explore a new place, or to discover some deeper meaning to life. While searching is an important part of any journey, I think getting lost is also an integral aspect of transformative travel. Whether it’s getting lost in a maze-like city, lost on an unmarked road, or simply lost in a moment, getting lost teaches you some very important lessons. For how can you find anything if you don’t at first get lost?

While getting lost can often be a scary and unsettling event, it can also be so liberating and so revitalizing. It seems that most of us fight so hard every day to keep order in our lives that we don’t have time to enjoy those simple moments. Everything is scheduled and so planned out, we don’t leave time to get lost. We think it frivolous or annoying to be spellbound by anything that doesn’t actively contribute to the day’s roster and we forget how wonderful it can be to just let go and get lost.

Getting lost in an unknown place is one of the greatest gifts travel can offer us. Who knows what treasure is hidden along that back road or in that maze of market stalls? Imagine where that jungle trail can lead you, perhaps to a gorgeous waterfall or secret ancient temple. Just think how exciting it would be to throw out the map just once and explore a new place using your own instincts and universal guides. Not only would it make for a thrilling experience, but you might just find something you didn’t even know you were looking for. So get out there, and get lost!

~ Daniela Masaro