Japanese Zen – An Inward Journey

We’re looking forward to sharing our Scenic Zen Journey to Japan with Craig Marshall: Explore Japan’s Spiritual Traditions and Natural Fall Beauty with you this autumn. There is no better place to look inward, discover personal insights, and experience a calm reverence than the Land of the Rising Sun. Our journey has been planned to take you inward as you explore the vast landscapes and ancient traditions of this beautiful, storied island nation.

Before you embark on this enlightening experience, we thought it would be fitting to dive into the school of Zen, it’s historic routes in Asia, and how it is best appreciated in the majesty only found in Japan.

The Origins of Zen

Zen is a school of thought that originated in Asia from the teachings of the Buddha and his meditation principles. For over two thousand years it has been a practice allowing people to explore their inner potential through meditation, self-control, and appreciation for the beauty of our world. The Buddha developed the practice in order to end suffering and help people find happiness, not through the material world, but from a focus on the self-actualized through daily experiences. As tradition has it, the practice represents a direct bloodline of spirituality between the Buddha and ourselves today.

Zen, Japanese rock garden, sacred tours
Japanese rock gardens are thoughtfully composed arrangements of rocks, water, and shrubbery meant to imitate the essence of nature but not necessarily reflect it.

Japan: Ancient Home of Awakening

In practice, Zen is a goal people around the world seek to achieve each day through acts such as mindfulness of breathing and immersion in nature. The goal is to find quiet from our busy lives and focus on what is inside of us, discovering what we truly need and desire. Our journey to Japan is designed to allow this breathtaking country to bring you closer to the personal awakenings that the practice of Zen promises. We’ve included some of the many reasons why Japan is a natural home to self-discovery.

Escape in Nature

Being in nature is essential for any path to self-awareness and calm. While we live amidst wonders of technology, the result is often our busy lives remove us from a true appreciation of the world we’ve been given. You can find humility and awe when you have surrendered yourself to the natural beauty that will allow you to open yourself to the next levels of your personal enlightenment. Beyond the Zen and Buddhist teachings, science has confirmed that taking time to unplug and connect to the natural world is beneficial to both physical and mental well-being. The Japanese landscape inspires an inescapable reverence for nature with a majesty only found on these shores.

Zen, Nature, Sacred tours, Japan
A life of zen finds beauty in all nature.

Live the Here and Now

Accepting and being in tune with the current moment is essential to the practice of Zen. To understand ourselves and what we want to become, we need to know who we are in the present. Nothing teaches us to appreciate the moment more than travelling with a purpose. Appreciating the here and now is not always first nature when we are caught up in our work and home life. Journeying to other countries can connect you to the flow of life that may have been buried under daily routines. The natural and cultural offerings on our Japan journey are built to bring you to the clarity you need to be present to your personal awakenings.

Learning about and experiencing Japan’s rich culture allows us to reflect on ourselves through appreciation of cultural differences and similarities.

Learn about Yourself

One of the keys in the pursuit of Zen is to understand yourself beyond your initial perceptions. Achieving enlightenment and personal satisfaction is not possible without an unclouded self-awareness. You must give yourself time to honestly reflect without the pressure of time constraints and daily responsibilities in order to find the path of fulfillment. Visiting a new land and its people will offer a view to yourself that you may not have seen at home and will strengthen your approach to Zen. This sort of liberation is difficult to find without venturing beyond your normal comfort zone and will help you to evolve beyond your current habits.

Your Journey to Zen

Our Scenic Zen Journey will connect with you with the energy of Japan through its beautiful scenery, ancient culture, temples, and shrines are the answer for anyone searching for a setting to host their spiritual journey. In addition to visiting the sites and landscapes across the country, our leader will take you through easy meditations and group discussions as you join like-minded people searching for the same calm and tranquillity as you. The easy pace will make sure that you are able to get the most out of your experience and translate your journey into real personal development.

Nachi Falls, Nachi taisha, sacred tours, japan
Many of Japan’s temples and shrines are surrounded by the incomparable beauty of Japan’s countryside.

If you’re ready to find your Zen visit our Scenic Zen Journey to Japan tour page. Our journey’s leader, Craig Marshall became a yoga monk at a young age and spent 35 years living in a monastery. In that time he studied the teachings of East and West while living a life of quiet solitude and meditation. He is now a transformational life coach who leads others to tap into their innermost desires and live fulfilling lives of true happiness.