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Celebrating Pachamama, our Mother Universe

With Mother’s Day around the corner, many of us are looking for ways to celebrate or remember our own mothers, or celebrate ourselves as mothers. Our Heart of the Pachamama Journey to Peru with Puma Quispe Singona celebrates our universal earth mother, Pachamama, and introduces us to ways we can connect spiritually with her. This journey also explores practical ways to help young mothers and women living in this sacred land.


In Inca mythology, Pachamama (or Mama Pacha) is a fertility goddess who oversees planting and harvesting. She is also said to take the form of a large dragon who has the power to cause earthquakes! Although we often see Pachamama translated as Mother Earth, ‘Mother Universe’ is considered a more accurate translation, as her power extends beyond the earth to the entire cosmos. Continue reading

7 Peru Secrets Every Traveller Should Know

Peru is a must for any spiritual traveller. Here we share a few secrets to help you have an even more satisfying travel experience when you visit this sacred country.

1. The energy at Machu Picchu is truly powerful

Machu Picchu is a highlight of any trip to Peru and with very good reason. This 15th century Inca site, majestically perched above the Sacred Valley, affords any traveller mesmerizing views and a powerful connection with the past. It was, and remains today, an important sacred site, so it is wise to allow yourself time to absorb the spiritual energy you will undoubtedly feel when you visit Machu Picchu. Take your time to wander the ancient Temples, feel the dry stone walls, and simply be…

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Machu Picchu and Beyond: How to Plan an Authentic Peru Experience

You’ve decided on Peru and a visit to Machu Picchu is top of your list. But what now? How can you get the most out of your visit to this sacred country? How can you be sure you’re seeing the authentic Peru and not simply the tourist traps, and how can you fully connect with the incredible sites and culture while you are there? This guide shows you how.


Visiting sacred sites such as Machu Picchu can be a powerful experience, and you will want to give yourself enough time to fully appreciate the visit. Try to find a tour that offers more than a quick whistle-stop look around the site, and allows you some time to explore independently as well as with a Tour Leader. It can be difficult to find a Peru tour that offers entrance on more than one day to Machu Picchu, but at Sacred Earth Journeys we feel visiting on 2 days provides the time needed to connect with this sacred site. As Helen Tomei, founder of Sacred Earth Journeys, says, “We will arrive to Machu Picchu the night before so that we can have an early start when everyone is alert and awake and ready for a beautiful ceremony at Machu Picchu as well as a leisurely afternoon to explore on their own. There will be time for a 2nd visit to Machu Picchu the next day where people can explore on their own and learn more from [our Tour Leader] Puma.”

Our Tour Leader, Puma Quispe Singona

Experienced Tour Leader

Sure, you can travel to Peru independently, but travelling with a group led by a really great Tour Leader will elevate your experience, and offer you so much more than an audio guide. When choosing a Tour Leader, you need to look for what he or she will bring to your experience of a place. Can he provide you with details that aren’t available in guidebooks and through the local tourist office? Can she bring you to visit local communities and meet with people who live off the usual tourist trails? Does he have special wisdom or training that will allow you to make more progress on your inner journey than going it alone? Here at Sacred Earth Journeys we work hard to ensure you will always travel with Tour Leaders who far exceed your expectations. Our Tour Leader for our Peru 2014 journey, for example, is the Andean Medicine Man, Healer, and Wisdom Keeper, Puma Quispe Singona. Puma is described as “magical, compassionate and wise beyond his years” with a deep reverence for Pachamama (Earth Mother) and an ancient understanding of the Cosmos. He is the perfect companion for a spiritual journey of Peru.

Local Community

It’s hard to feel you know a place when all you visit are the top attractions. Spending time in a local community is an excellent way to better understand the local culture of Peru. Our “Heart of the Pachamama with Puma Quispe Singona” journey to Peru, September 17 – 24/28, 2014, provides 2 formal opportunities for meeting local people as well as many more en route. In the small, windswept village of Chinchero you will meet Puma’s family, friends and village elders to learn more of their traditional ways and practices and perhaps hear a few stories and tales. Renowned for its beautiful traditional weavings, this town is also the perfect place to pick up souvenirs and gifts! Then, on the island of Amantaní, part of the Uros Islands of Lake Titicaca, we will have the unique experience of staying with a “homestay family” for a night. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain a greater understanding, appreciation, and respect for the way of life and traditions of the Uros peoples, and a way for you to really connect with Peruvian culture.

Aramu Muru’s Doorway

Sacred Sites & Ceremonies

Machu Picchu will undoubtedly be a highlight of any trip to Peru, but there are many more sites to visit with powerful sacred energy. Knowing which sites to choose and how to make the most of any visit there can be tricky. Helen Tomei says she works closely with her local Tour Leaders when choosing which sites to offer and carefully plans all itineraries to ensure travellers have quality time at each site, with appropriate ceremonies or talks that will enrich their experience. She tells us, “All the sacred places and temples in the itinerary have been chosen for their importance to the spiritual teachings, the ceremonies that will be performed, and the healing energy ~ all of which will help our guests liberate from the energies of fear and ego towards a place of healing and clarity about their life path.”

Inner Journey 

As Joseph Campbell said, “The whole idea of pilgrimage is that you are making a journey into your own heart.” Any travel experience to a country with sacred sites and powerful energies will stir up emotions and throw up challenging questions. The key is knowing how to navigate these challenges so you can move forwards on your own inner journey with clarity and a positive spirit. Having the guidance of a Tour Leader such as Puma, and travelling with a group of like-minded people, will offer you the safe space you need to connect with your own intuition as your travel through Peru. The ceremonies you will participate in and the wisdom you will learn from all those around you will add necessary layers of knowledge for your own inner quest.
This combination of ingredients – time at the carefully-chosen sacred sites, connecting with local culture and people, and a safe space for your own inner journey – will ensure your trip to Peru will not only be truly authentic but will also be a transformative, unforgettable travel experience.  

~ Kim Bridgett

Why Peru? Why this journey?

This is the third in a series of blog posts about our September trip to Peru with Puma Quispe Singona. In the first post in early May we looked at the special relationship Peru has with Pachamama, and how Puma’s wisdom and knowledge can help participants to experience for themselves the power and energy of Pachamama in the Peruvian Andes today. Our second post gave a snapshot of what to expect on this inspiring journey with some fabulous photos to help you visualize the unique appeal of this trip. In this third post I want to focus on those distinctive qualities that make Peru such a worthwhile travel destination, and why this journey with Puma and Sacred Earth Journeys is so enriching and potentially life-changing.




The September journey to Peru will include flights, train rides and walks through some of the most breathtaking areas of the country. Cusco, now a Unesco World Heritage Site and formerly the capital of the Inca Empire, offers striking architecture, lively craft markets and fabulous traditional Peruvian cuisine! The Sacred Valley of the Incas, the area between Pisac and Ollantaytambo, provides glimpses of ancient Incan ruins, fertile plains and the impressive Urubamba river, also known as the Willkamayu (“sacred river”) in Quechua. And, of course, there’s Machu Picchu. In September you will have the unique opportunity to visit the “The Lost City of the Incas” with Puma twice! Most tours only include one entrance, but your two days allow ample time to thoroughly appreciate the beauty and sacred energies of this powerful place.

Peoples & Culture

Peru is also home to a wide mix of cultures and peoples. Although more than seventy percent of Peruvians now live in cities, traditionally they have lived a more rural lifestyle, with traditional crafts and knowledge being passed down orally through the generations. In Chinchero, a small village located high up in the windswept plains, Puma will introduce participants to his family and friends who will share stories about their history, culture and traditional practices. On this journey we will also have the privilege of meeting a local Q’ero Master. The Q’eros are direct descendants of the Incas who escaped the Spanish Conquest by living in their ancestral villages, protected by their sacred mountain spirit, the Apus. This is rare opportunity that is not to be missed!(1)

Sacred Destination

In the tour description we describe this journey as being “heart-opening”. What exactly do we mean by this and what lends this journey such a spiritual or sacred dimension? The combination of awe-inspiring landscapes and the wisdom of the native Peruvians are certainly spiritual elements in themselves, but this journey offers something beyond this.

Puma Quispe Singona, our tour leader, is an extraordinary guide. He brings the wisdom of an Andean Medicine Man, a profound, joyful respect for the earth as well as a radiant, humorous energy to this journey. Past participants have nothing but praise for Puma’s skills as a guide – in all senses of the word – through Peru’s most sacred locations. On this journey participants will also take part in ceremonies – one with a Q’ero Master to express gratitude for Pachamama and another at Machu Picchu to celebrate the Spring Equinox. These ceremonies create a profound spiritual space for connecting with universal energies, learning how to release old habits and generating clarity to move forwards in a truly authentic way. A third quality this journey offers is travel with like-minded people. Participants consciously choose Sacred Earth Journeys over other travel companies, and that connection to people who share similar aspirations, albeit in their own unique way, is powerful. It is through these fortunate meetings, these connections that we learn more about ourselves in the world, our relationship with others and the sacred land we have the honour of passing through. Our hearts can indeed open when we trust in our own unique spirit, and we trust in the loving capacities of our fellow travellers to see who we are and accept us at whatever stage in our journeys we’re at.

The open, curious, loving energy that is generated through these connections is powerful and enduring as can be heard in these testimonials from past travellers:

“The journey allowed you to connect with the legends, the people and the beauty of their country, which deepens your own personal connection to the source and your own personal journey in this lifetime ~ in my view an experience that everyone should be part of! Our guide Puma’s passion for his country, as well as his personal commitment to Pachamama and helping people on their own spiritual journey, is very evident. The awakening of consciousness that he brings to all he comes in contact with is commendable. Our guides were all very happy to make our experience the best it could possibly be, not because they “had” to as part of their job, but I felt because they “wanted” to which is a big difference.” Jan McIntyre, Queensland, Australia (Peru – Heart of the Pachamama – Sep/12)

“We had a magical, marvellous life enhancing (perhaps life changing – we’ll see!) experience on our Sacred Earth Journeys trip to Peru. In fact, the word “journey” in a wide-ranging sense (inner and outer) or “pilgrimage” is apropos. We gladly took the invitation to explore within while visiting the sacred sites – Puma is a true Master! What a force of nature!! Combining deep spirituality and wisdom with humour, love of life and joie de vivre, he was always accessible and graciously available to answer questions, add information and make suggestions regarding purchases and more. The visit to Puma’s family compound and meeting his family – what an honour to be in the company of those beautiful people.” John Brewer & DeAnne Torres, Sacramento, CA (Peru – Heart of the Pachamama – Sep/12)

“To experience the beauty and power of the Incan Sacred Valley, the majesty of Machu Picchu and the power of Lake Titicaca was unforgettable… Puma had an uncanny way of providing for us as individuals, a family and a community of travelers with love and acceptance and meeting each of us where we were on our own spiritual path and sensitively guiding us in our spiritual growth. The trip itself was seamless… lovely and authentic hotels, delicious food, fabulous shopping and the warmth of the people along the way was inspiring. We have continued to reflect on our experience with awe, reverence and laughter.” Wendy, Hank and Taylour Matz, Salinas, CA (Peru – Heart of the Pachamama – Sep/12)

~ Kim Bridgett



To read more about this heart-opening, life-changing journey, and register your place, visit: http://www.sacredearthjourneys.ca/current-tours/heart-of-the-pachamama-with-puma-quispe-singona/tour-description

(1) Read more about the Q’eros here: http://www.sacredearthjourneys.ca/blog/2013_04_01_archive.html



A Spiritual Journey to Peru – What to Expect

Day 1: Arrive in Lima

Let your dreams this evening welcome you to this sacred land and offer insights into the spiritual journey which awaits.

Day 2: Fly from Lima to Cusco 


Make sure to have your camera ready for some spectacular photo opportunities as we fly over the Majestic Andes to Cusco.

Day 3: Full Day City Tour and Incan Sacred Sites

Today we enjoy a full day of sightseeing, from a city tour of Cusco to several impressive Incan Sacred Sites including Sacsayhuaman and Tambomachay.

Day 4: Sacred Valley: Pisac and Ollantaytambo

We travel through the Sacred Valley of the Incas and drive into the hills to the picturesque town of Pisac to admire the colonial architecture, awe-inspiring scenic beauty and later explore the Andean Marketplace to purchase lovely handcrafted treasures to take home.

Day 5: Chinchero

Today we will have the honour of participating in a special Despacho Ceremony with Puma and a local Q’ero Master to express our gratitude to Pachamama and the Apus, as well as the wonderful people of this small community. Chinchero, renowned for its beautiful traditional weavings, is also the perfect place to pick up souvenirs and gifts.

Day 6: Train to Aguas Calientes; Machu Picchu

We will enjoy a scenic train ride along the Urubamaba River to the charming village of Aguas Calientes. We will then travel to the sanctuary of Machu Picchu for our spiritual awakening.

Day 7: Machu Picchu; Special Spring Equinox Ceremony

During our special Spring Equinox Ceremony we connect with the spirits of the Apus and the heart of Pachamama for a deeply profound and transformational experience.

Day 8: Moray; Return to Cusco

We will take a visit to the captivating Incan site of Moray, six hundred metres above Urubamba. This ancient site contains unusual Inca ruins and a sunken amphitheatre.

Day 9:  Raqchi; La Raya; Pucara, Chucuito; Lake Titicaca

After visiting sacred sites near Cusco, we settle into our hotel in Chucuito where we can awe at the splendour of Lake Titicaca, which sits over 3800 metres above sea level, making it the highest navigable lake in the world.

Day 10:  Interdimensional Portal Aramu Muru; Inca Uyo

This morning we journey to Aramu Muru’s Doorway in the Valley of the Spirits. We will tread carefully upon large rock formations in the shapes of a serpent and puma to connect with the energies of the Lower and Middle Worlds.

Day 11: Uros Islands and Amantani

Arise early this morning to revel in the morning sun before embarking on a private boat trip on the tranquil waters of Lake Titicaca to the Uros Islands.

Day 12: Ceremony by Lake Titicaca; Return to Chucuito

Today we gather for a sacred ceremony to complete our healing process in preparation for our return home. Later in the evening, we will enjoy our final farewell dinner to share stories, laughter and tears, give thanks to Pachamama and Pachatata, and to relive this most amazing journey.

To read more about this incredible journey, Heart of the Pachamama with Puma Quispe Singona: A Heart Opening Sacred Journey to Celebrate the Spring Equinox at Machu Picchu, please visit our website.

2013 Tour Dates: September 16th – 24th (Lake Titicaca option: 24th – 28th)
~ Sacred Earth Journeys