5 Earth-Friendly Travel Tips

At Sacred Earth Journeys we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve our travel experiences while leaving a lighter footprint on the earth. In this blog, we share 5 tips that have helped us prepare for our journeys.


1. Pack Re-Useable Water & Snack Containers

Re-useable containers are a great way to cut down on plastic waste when we travel. Snack containers also help you make good food choices when travelling – it’s easy to buy fruit and veggies from a local market and take them with you on daytrips when you have something safe and secure to put them in. Make sure your water bottles are empty before going through airport customs or, if you’re concerned, pack them in your suitcase.

Good places to buy:
Raspberry Kids
Kleen Kanteen
The Container Store


2. Rest and Practice Meditation

When we’re tired, stressed or overly excited, we tend to make poorer choices in all aspects of our lives. Travel decisions such as “what to pack”, “what do I really need?” become easier with sufficient sleep, rest and, ideally, a regular meditation practice. By caring for our minds in this way, we can avoid unnecessary purchases saving us money and helping the earth.

Good websites to help with your mental spiritual self-care:
Michele Labelle
Phil Cousineau
Padma Yoga & Meditation


3. Buy Local Souvenirs

Shun the airport stores and bargain outlets when you travel, and choose to buy your souvenirs and treats from local artisans instead. Do a little research before you leave to find out what might be available or ask your local tour guide for advice if you’re travelling with a group.

There are a wealth of beautiful, handmade objets and textiles in every country, and buying directly from the maker or smaller business keeps your carbon footprint low and helps the local economy in a healthy way.

Good places to browse:
Ayni Ayllu Weaving Cooperative
National Geographic Store


4. Shop Consciously for Must-Have Travel Essentials

Sunscreen, passport holders, carry-on bags, hats… there are many items that we do really need when we travel. If you’re buying any of these items new ahead of your next trip, take a moment to see if you’re buying from a store or choosing a brand that values the planet as much as you do.

Many stores offer online shopping so even if you don’t live in a big city or have access to the store you’d prefer, you can plan ahead a little and mail order your travel essentials.

Shopping destinations to consider:
Salvation Army Thrift Store 
National Geographic Store
Badger Healthy Body Care 


5. Choose Your Destinations Carefully

The local newspaper may have a fantastic deal on an all-inclusive vacation to the current hot spot, but is it really where you want to go? Air travel can take a heavy toll on the planet – and on our bodies – so it’s important to ensure you’re choosing a destination that has real meaning and true value to you.

If there’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip you’d love to take in the next 5 years, why not try a “staycation” or shorter local trips for a couple of years to help save for that journey you really want. You’ll never regret spending money on a travel experience that is meaningful and… it really could change your life!

Websites to help you choose your dream destination:
Sacred Earth Journeysif you’re having any trouble deciding, just give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll do everything we can to help you find your journey of a lifetime!

Do you have any earth-friendly travel tips you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them!

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~ Kim Bridgett