Applying the 13 Principles of KuKuulKaan

A New Message from Miguel Angel Vergara ahead of our journey, December 1-9 2014: “Sacred Path Of Quetzalcoatl-Kukuulkaan with Miguel Angel Vergara: A Journey to Discover Your Potential in the Land of the Toltec & Maya”.


When the Spanish arrived in Yucatan, the Maya had many books telling of their history, science, medicine, and spiritual beliefs and practices written in Maya hieroglyphs. Most were destroyed but some were first transcribed in Maya using the European script taught to them by the Spanish in the 16th century.

These have survived and are now translated into Spanish and some also into English. Chilam Balam is believed to be the name of the Maya scribe who put these books together shortly after the Spanish arrived. Working from ancient books and oral traditions he left us an amazing look into the past.

“The identity of the Maya Kukulcan with the Mexican Quetzalcoatl and the Mexican origin of the worship of this culture-hero have been well established.” — From the Chilam Balam of Chumayel

There are nine books, each is named for the town in which they were found. The above quote is from the Chilam Balam of Chumayel, a town not far from Mayapan where we will be visiting on our journey in December.

From these books come the teachings of the 13 Principles of KuKuulKaan. These principles teach that we are not alone, that everything is interconnected, we are one with the universe. He teaches that everything is vibration and it is through vibration that we are connected. KuKuulKaan also talks of the need to connect with the 4 Kingdoms and on the journey I will lead us in meditations and practices to do that, to connect with the spirits of the air, earth, water, and fire.


The 13 principles also teach that everything has its rhythm and how smoothly things go when we recognize our personal rhythms and flow with them. KuKuulKaan speaks of the importance of the Heart as the nest for our inner serpent. The serpent is the symbol for the great wisdom found in unconditional love.

On our journey I will bring alive all 13 of KuKuulKaan’s Principles in meditations, practices, ceremonies, and visits to the sacred sites. Putting these principles into practice in your daily lives will help you rise above all obstacles or situations that are currently holding you back from fulfilling your purpose and expressing who you really are.

~ Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros

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