How our journey to Morocco awakens the senses and deepens awareness?

journey to Morocco
Camels in the desert from a past journey to Morocco. All rights reserved.

In our everyday life, it’s relatively easy to be caught up in our own minds and to be in a constant state of rushing or stressing. When we do this though, we end up missing out on all that the present moment has to offer us. We disconnect from ourselves and instead of living in a state of gratitude and flow, we become stuck in a cycle of chasing the next goal and living either in the past or future. Our journey to Morocco: Mystical Morocco with Sanna Sanita is the antidote to this. This 12-day journey will inspire a deep connection with your whole self, and the lovingly curated itinerary will give you time to appreciate the luxury, comfort, and magic of our surroundings. 

Here are five reasons we think this journey is the perfect adventure to awaken your senses, deepen your awareness and encourage you to appreciate beauty in all its forms.

The Daily Practices

Throughout this journey, Sanna will guide you through a variety of different practices with the intention that they will help you to “soften your edges,” release stagnant energies and deepen consciousness, bring you closer to your true self, and silence the mind and awaken the senses. 

On your first day in Morocco, while staying at the Berber Lodge just outside of Marakesh, you’ll participate in your first practices of soft, sensual breathwork. The aim of this initial practice is to help clear the body and mind of any stressors and worries so that you can open yourself for the upcoming journey with presence, peace and joy. 

On various days throughout our journey to Morocco, we will gather as a group for journaling and inner investigation where we will dive deeper into themes such as “expand as love”, and explore and share our soul’s purpose. 

To find out more about the individual practices visit our journey page and scroll to the bottom of the ‘descriptions’ tab. 

Stay at a Luxury Desert Camp

On day five, we will begin our journey into the desert, crossing small dunes and dry riverbeds on a camel to reach a luxury desert camp located 60km off-road at the edge of the great dunes of Chegaga. Our camp is one of the best in the region and is nestled between some of the highest sand dunes in Morocco. We’ll sleep in deluxe Caidal tents, complete with comfortable beds, plush bedding, carpets, bedside tables with solar-powered lamps, an armchair, and an ottoman. We have the privilege of spending three nights here where we will balance activities with free time and contemplation. Every night we will gather for stargazing, a campfire, music, singing, and drumming. 

journey to Morocco
The luxury desert camp that we call home. All rights reserved.

While staying at the camp, life will move at a slower pace. The focus will be on dropping deeper into yourself, to easing into flow and awakening your senses both to your surroundings and within your body. Located away from modern-day distractions, our stay here offers the perfect opportunity to release the stressors of everyday life and to spend time in silence and appreciating the beautiful and majestic landscape you find yourself in. 

Awakening the Senses through Food

In our modern life, most people don’t slow down and spend time savouring their food. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to eat lunch at your desk while still working, or mindlessly while watching TV. However, when we eat in this way, we miss out on enjoying the sense of awakening experience that eating can bring. 

During our journey to Morocco, you will have many opportunities to indulge in eating some of the local foods with an emphasis on slowing down and being in the present moment with your food. While visiting the Draa Valley, we enjoy a walk through the local area, with the possibility of catching the date harvest. If you wish to, you may be able to purchase some of these local dates and pause to enjoy this decadent food, noticing the flavours and the texture. Afterwards, you will get to enjoy a French-Moroccan fusion cuisine with the fresh vegetables and fruits grown in the Kabash gardens. Eating locally grown produce usually means that the vegetables and fruits are more flavoursome and fresh. This will be the perfect opportunity to savour the meal together.

While staying at the luxury desert camp, we will participate in a morning practice called “sensing…eating with hands” which will focus specifically on slowing down while eating and noticing how all of the senses are activated. 

Visiting a Hamman

After partaking in our morning practice of “softening at the edges” we will enjoy a traditional steam bath, called a Hamman, which is part of everyday Moroccon life. The Hammam is beautifully and simply designed, with wood-fired heat and smooth tadelakt walls and benches. In the steam room your pores open, and an invigorating scrub with olive or eucalyptus oil soap will remove any impurities. For further relaxation and to truly complete this experience, you can book a massage. 

Journey to Morocco
Hamman steam bath. All rights reserved.

This is a wonderful opportunity to pamper yourself, slow down and deepen your body awareness as you experience this local practice. 

Travel with transformational leader Sanna Sanita

Throughout this journey, you’ll be guided by Sanna, who is a transformational leader with a focus on healing and awakening. Sanna’s mission is to help individuals wake up to their unique, soulful true selves and live their own mission in a modern world, helping others and creating abundance and wealth along the way.

What you learn and uncover on this journey to Morocco is not only for your time there, they are things that can be taken back to your life at home and used to deepen your presence with life.