How the practices of our Mystical Egypt journey inspire transformation.

transformational egypt journey
Transformational practices in ancient, sacred Egypt. All rights reserved.

We are very excited to announce our new journey: Mystical Egypt with Sanna Sanita. This 12-day pilgrimage with the transformational leader, Sanna Sanita, has been lovingly designed to inspire a heightened connection to self and awaken your senses to the sacred power within and outside of you. As with all of our journeys, the magic comes from the locations we visit, the leaders who guide us, and the practices that are led throughout. This new Egyptian journey is no different, as you will travel to sacred places where you’ll be guided through practices that are designed to awaken you to the beauty in all things and to soften you to the present moment and the divine feminine energy that is all around us. 

Throughout our journey, Sanna will lead pilgrims through several different practices, that mainly fall into 5-different themes, each aiming to awaken, release or activate different types of energies. Combined with the power of the sites we visit, these practices can be incredibly transformative, not only during your time in Egypt but also once you return home.

Soft feminine yoga and embodiment practices 

These gentle, softening practices are designed to help you relax and release. The intention is to let go of rigid structure, linear thinking and goals and to drop into the feminine flow of the wild, untamed, and unknown. In other words, we use yogic techniques to peel the layers, soften the edges and come closer to home. On day eight of our journey, after we have explored the old Nubian Island of Heissa and the Temple of Kalabsha, we will return to our tranquil eco-conscious hotel, to be guided through a softening practice. Overlooking the Nile and surrounded by nature and Nubian style architecture, this practice is the perfect time to drop into yourself and integrate all of the learnings you’ve received throughout the day. 

Neurotransformative Breathwork (NTB)

This is a unique breathwork practice designed by Sanna that aims to release stagnant energy and deepen consciousness. It is highly rejuvenating, alkalizing, and regulating for the nervous system. It alters the mood and brings a true sense of joy! This breathwork practice provides instant benefits and can also create magic if the secrets uncovered are applied in everyday life. During our journey in Egypt, Sanna guides pilgrims through many different styles of NTB. It is one of the first practices you will do while at the hotel in the Giza Plateau overlooking the Great Pyramid. This initial practice will be slow-paced and designed to help you activate the senses and deepen your connection to self meaning you will be more receptive to the inner and outer lessons you’ll receive during the rest of your sacred journey. 

On day six, while in the beautiful, tranquil desert Oasis of Siwa, you’ll rise with the sun for a slow, sensual and connective NTB breakwork practice. As Siwa is a serene settlement dotted with traditional mud houses and an abundance of olive and palm trees, it is the perfect place to unwind and use Sanna’s practices to drop into that slow, sensual, untamed part of yourself. 

Sense Activation

These type of practices aims to bring you deeper and closer to your true self. When exploring Egypt, you want to merge with the surroundings, and the more present you become, the more you will feel and experience. You will learn a variety of self-touch-based methods, that not only activate your senses but also provide a deeper connection in all your relationships and love life — that’s a guarantee! 

Awakening senses in natural Salt Lakes, Egypt. All rights reserved.

We will visit several different Salt lakes and natural springs, throughout our Egypt journey. These offer the perfect opportunity to deepen these sense activation practices and to notice the feelings and sensations that these waters and desert sands awaken and to drop into the present moment of the beauty around. 

Dyads and Inquiry

When the mind is still and the senses awake, inquiry will support you in relating to the mystery around you. Perhaps even to the depth of direct experience of the here and now, one of the most fulfilling experiences of a human heart.

During our pilgrimage, we will have many opportunities for self-inquiry. On our first night, we will gather together to share our intentions for the upcoming journey and on the last night, we will sit in as a group to explore our learnings and to journal and crystalize our time together, so that we can carry forward all that we have discovered. 

On day four, after arriving in Siwa, we will be guided through the Inner Journey! 5-Tibetans – getting into the body and activating the energy, as well as exploring Dyads to connect beyond the self and expand as consciousness. 

Vibrational toning

Feel the body coming alive through simple mantra and toning. This regulates and rejuvenates from the inside out. Envision a fire in the desert, the sound of burning and cracking wood, the stars shining and the presence of the ancient history of the desert surrounding you as you let go with the rhythm, sound, and the elements.

Introspection and reflection to deepen learnings. All right reserved.

At the end of this 12-day Egypt journey, you will have experienced several transformational practices with the intention that they help you to deepen your connection to yourself, to release tension and stagnant energy and to create a sense of ease and flow. This entire journey is designed to help you see the beauty in softness, sensuality and the external world around you. We hope you carry these lessons and practices back into everyday life to help you benefit from the magic of the feminine.