The Power of Pilgrimage with Sanna Sanita

Recently, we got to sit down with Sanna Sanita who is leading our journey, Mystical Morocco. Together, we discuss the power of pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage is a very important topic to us!

Sanna Sanita is an international transformational leader with a focus on sacred sexuality and awakening. Sanna’s mission is to help individuals wake up to their unique, soulful true selves and live their own mission in a modern world, helping others and creating abundance and wealth along the way.

In this talk, Sanna shares some deep awakening experiences she had at a very young age. Because of such experiences, as she shares, Sanna began traveling the world in search of the sacred.

From learning Ayurveda and yoga to training with shamans deep in the Amazon, Sanna has acquired a wealth of growth, leading to her founding of energy work and breathwork practices.

Now her calling is to lead this pilgrimage with us to “Mystical Morocco.”

Sanna Sanita is co-founder of the Dearmouring Arts School and has led retreats worldwide.

We really honor Sanna for her transparency and vibrant energy.

She’s quick to reveal her story and the challenges, sometimes debilitating, that she had to face in order to set forth on her path to betterment.

Having started a school dedicated to the art of “dearmouring” (look it up!) as well as a breathwork practice, it’s apparent that Sanna has spent much of her life traveling both inward and outward for the benefit of humankind.

We’re really excited that Sanna chose to plan her pilgrimage to Morocco with us.

The journey to Morocco is a special one. Participants will be offered practices and adventures that enable inner transformation and sense activation like no other.

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