When Does a Journey Begin?

I believe the journey is always waiting for us – it’s just a matter of time before we act upon it. Often the journey begins to take form in our conscious mind through our physical senses. We see a movie, read a book, eat a type of cuisine, hear some music, smell a flower, or touch a family heirloom and we want to be transported to the source to fully immerse ourselves in the experience.

The signs will continue to appear in one shape or another as long as the underlying desire remains. And some indicators seem to show up with no apparent reason but there is no need to make sense of it at the time. Just keep embracing the occurrences and know it all adds up. The main thing is to be in flow and allow the unfolding to happen.

Of course, these external journeys are vehicles for inner journeys and ultimately our bigger journey. Thus they begin long before we even recognize it. Luckily we are all equipped with internal compasses to help guide us. Trust the universe, follow your heart, and you will unearth the hidden mysteries through travel. Or as Phil Cousineau (Tour Leader for our upcoming Ireland trip) advises, in his book The Art of Pilgrimage, “Uncover what you long for and you will discover who you are”.

What journey is calling you? And what step will you take today?